Women can wear multiple ways. It should be appropriate to the place or destination.
The funeral should not wear bright colors or black and white.
Adults to work with it. Should not be too short. Not Ope too. Comfort clothing that is entirely so.
Choosing clothes is important that we should select appropriate clothing color. Use contrasting colors too.
A woman with a large chest. If your shirt is unbuttoned shirt modified by the deep, but not here to expose the most. May wear a jacket to cover it again.
 Pectoral a little girl. Select a shirt that has a chest drain or crimp terminals should choose a thick fabric. Do not choose a fabric or chiffon spandex because it will make it look more flat.
 The Hip Girl’s – small shoulders. Be modified by the choice of wearing a pleated vent or pleat or swipe to select a shirt with diagonal stripes allows dummy to see if the young shoulders, wider shoulders than hips contrary. He wears a balloon skirt. Diminishes the swelling or the other. To make it look more balanced.


Found that date back to the turn attention to fashion, it is not less. And much more than in the past. The stream from the internet or magazines to Lady Gaga Fashion Stuff is a quirky fashion trendsetters hard to show audiences regularly. In Taiwan, he is to pay attention to the fashion goddess Lady Gaga is very good at what she does, no matter how dressed up. She almost brought civil dress typical of her that no distortion. Another example is seen Abbey Lee Kershaw, this was rock set on Vouge Japan or trying nobility that would like to see her wearing a dress the Rock to show off some of the work from time to time with Rihanna, who imitated. Who would I like them. Tips for a bit, but I know it was my rock.

1. The rock, often wearing clothing in funcolors like black or brown.

2. Garment leather conveys a rock better than any other clothing.

3. Leg absent or register, black ripped leggings trend favoring the young avant tend to adapt to the rock perfectly.

4. Heads or be chain loaded pin and a small diamond. Well if you put this trim on clothing.

5. Shirts jackets can add a rock on another level because of the strong emotions that it Ford was applied to the rock was very comfortable.


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