Fashion by Nicoleta Parascan

wild thing beauty shoot

There’s a sense of calmness and delicacy transcending the mere essence of wild beauty as captured by photographer Weronika Kosinska for Kismet Magazine, no. 23. Following an elaborate path of tribal inspirations and subtly infused with the defining elements of the faraway civilizations, the stunning beauty shoot plays upon femininity and strength. Natural looking, but exquisitely complex, the ethnic make-up exudes mystery and allurement due to its untamed and exotic character.

Gorgeous golden shades collide with dark greens and icy blues, all creatively re-envisioning the earthy nature of all things beautiful. Striking white splashes strategically placed upon the forehead, above the eyebrows and across the cheekbones, add drama and even more of a tribal feel to the enchanting portraits


best of both worlds

What is the first thing one would think when a woman with rock n roll attitude walks    by wearing leather from head to toe? Most likely that’s she’s tough. It takes a lot of attitude for a girl to wear leather and not look like a cliché biker chick. So, if you’ve ever wondered how you can wear all this leather but not look too rock chic, and here is a nice example on how you can just do it. You can give a feminine touch to a very masculine type of fabric just like thisoff-duty model in London.

lingerie christmas video

Tony Kelly’s own web presence admits that his photos and videos aren’t always done in the best possible taste. Admitting that and wearing it like a badge of honour makes videos like this – knowingly a little bit cheesy, sexy, and fun – all the better. Babes in lingerie with champagne, turkey, and chainsaws… Merry Christmas indeed.


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